Kerela Ayurvedic Tour

kerela ayurvedic tour

Kerela  Ayurvedic Travel Packages

Planning for a car for hire or bus rental services from bangalore to  kerela  ayurvedic tour, is related to the ‘Five Great Elements’ (Panchmahabhuta) theory. These five elements are

EARTH (prithvi), WATER (jal), FIRE (agni or tej), AIR (vayu) and space or SKY (akash). The body is considered as the universe and subdivided according to these five elements and treatment is done accordingly,
Whenever  your think of ayurveda, the the images of kerela  or God’s own country comes to our minds.

Tradition claims that there were 18 Ashta Vaidyan families in Kerela who practiced authentic ayurveda  With fleeting time only 6 families have been able to sustain this tradition. However Kerala provides world -class ayurvedic treatment or chikitsa and till date people flock to kerela from all over the country as well as the world to rejuvenate themselves, look and feel younger and cure their bodies as well as their souls with the magical treatment of ayurveda.

The tradition of ayurveda dates back to Vedic epoch of India and Ayurveda is sometimes considered as the 5th Veda. In Sanskrit terminology, Ayur means life and veda means knowledge. Therefore ayurveda is the knowledge of life  to live a vigorous and disease-free life. Ayurveda is the holistic treatment for the soul and mind and the
body that has been practiced in india  by the ancient sages of India.

TYPES OF ayurvedic treatments are ;-
1) Rasayana Treatment ;-  The rasayana therapy increases the life force (ojas) and helps in the celland tissues regeneration. You can’t stop old age, but you can surely keep old age at bay.Rasayana Ayurveda was the age-old secret of the INDIAN sages who lived for many ages withot being affected by illness and palsy.
2) Shodana Chikitsa ;-Shodhana Chikitsa is actually a body purification process which exterminates these toxins and reinstates the Tridhoshas- Vatha, Pitha and kapha to a balanced status with the help of Panchakarma, Snehakarma and Swedanakarma methods of treatments.
3) Panchakarma Chikitsa ;- It involves five purifying procedures that are an essential part of Shodana Chikitsa or treatment. They are-Vaman (Induced Emesis), Virechan (Induced Purgation), Basti (Medicated Enemas),Nasya (Nasal Cleaning ) and Raktamokshan (Blood purification). Basti heals the neurological and obesity problems, Virechan purify the vascular system and skin ailments, Vaman cures asthma and allergy and Nasya checks migrane,