Kerela Water Sport Destinations


Bangalore to Kerela Water falls – Backwater Destinations

Planning to hire a car or bus Rentals for bangalore to KERALA travel water sport sport tour or water falls destinations tour packages & adventure activities  fostered by the diverse network of rivers, lakes, canals, lagoons and estuaries, not to mention the expanse of backwaters and the mighty Arabian Sea itself. this veritable adventure hub Tourists from all over the globe make a beeline for .

Some of the most commonly indulged water sports In kerela

  • Canoeing :- Canoeing is a favorite sport among the tourists of kerela and among the local inhabitants of the state. An canoe is a small 2-3 seater boat which is rowed by the sailors. Canoeing expeditions are undertaken in Kerala by Group tourists,
  • Catamaram Sailing :- A catamaran is small often wooden vessel with twin hulls joined together. Catamarans are usually set sail across the Backwater of kerela, nowadays motorized catamarans are in vogue along with traditional oar propelled ones giving the tourists of the state more variety to indulge in.
  • Kayaking :- Kayaking requires high levels of physical fitness. A Kayak is a small one or two man boat which the rowers actuate with twin paddled-oars. Kayaking can be undertaken on rocky rapids (similar to white water rafting)or on calm sea waters.  the extreme backwaters of kerela  conducive to such sea kayaking.
  • Para Sailing :- Parasailing is a water sport commonly indulged in beaches and sea side resorts. The sailor is strapped to a parachute which in turn is attached by a harness to a motor boat or some such small vessel. As the boat speeds, the sailor takes off into the air. This highly recreational sport is one of the Primary adventure sports in kerela  in many beaches.
  • Scuba Diving :- Scuba diving is deep sea diving with an oxygen pack fitted to the diving suit so that the diver does not need to depend on any surface supplied equipment. The deep Arabian Sea off Kerala shores makes scuba diving Veritable Pleasure sport in kerela Beach. The rich underwater flora and fauna attracts the diver over the risks involved in the sport.
  • Snorkeling :- Snorkeling is a major tourist recreation beaches of kerela Alappuzha, Kovalam and Varkala. It involved swimming at the surface of the deep sea equipped with a snorkel or a breathing tube and mask.It allows the diver to view the natural underwater bounties and the diversity of marine life.
  • Wind Surfing :- Windsurfing is skimming the water face on a surfboard with a revolving sail. The skill of the surfer is tested in maneuvering the craft amidst the high waves and tearing winds. Windsurfing is a sport that rouses much interest in the numerous beaches that fringe coastal Kerala.