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Planning for a car or bus to hire or rentals for bangalore to Nizamabad travel tour packages, is an ancient city  ruled by various dynasties and hence it has the influences of various cultures. Nizamabad offers a colorful atmosphere to keep your spirits high on your holiday destination.

if you are looking for a get away destination to be close to nature and if you would like to add color to your vacation or holiday visiting sites  that give you cultural insight into the past, Located by the River Godavari,

Nizamabad is also a major city famous for its various temples and historical monuments. The Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary is located next to the Pocharam Lake in Nizamabad and contains a rich flora and fauna. The Nizamabad fort is also a great viewer’s paradise,

Top Local Seight Seeing Places

  1. Poncharam Wildlife Sanctuary :- Sanctuary is situated adjacent to Pocharam Lake,If you love birds so much that you can identify them by their names, you need to visit the place where excellent ranges of these flying creatures are seen. The watchtower at the thick of the forest offers excellent view of the dense forest and the lake here. A small look alike of dam on one of the tributaries of Manjeera River is seen here,
  2. Pochampad Dam :- one amongst the biggest projects for irrigation serves five districts namely Nizamabad, Adilabad, Karimnagar, Khammam and Warangal. The dam site is so amazing that it is frequent by the visitors .
  3. Nizam Sagar Dam :- Nizam Sagar dam is built across River Manjeera, one of the tributaries of River Godavari. It was built in the year 1923 and it serves the drinking needs of hyderabad and secunderabad, It is considered one of the biggest dams in the world. The beautiful garden here spellbinds you. You could indulge in swimming and boating here.
  4. Alisagar Reservoir :- Reservoir is one of the leading attractions in the city, it is frequented by local people and tourists in great numbers. Nizam of hyderabad  had developed the area near the reservoir into a beautiful garden. The sprawling 33 acres of garden is a visual treat with lush greenery and a flower garden. You could also find a tree house and deer park in the garden.
  5. Mallaram Forest :- Forest will more than adequately quench your thrist for adventures. The forest gifted with the best of nature is a perfect location for trekking. From the viewpoint tower, you could have spectacular views of the lush greenery around. The forest is being developed into eco tourism destination
  6. Sri Kanteshwara Temple :- The temple is a fine example of architectural splendor of the era.
  7. Archaelogical and Heritage Museum :- You need to visit the museum to have an insight into the lives and styles of ancient people in this region. The three sections in the museum namely 1) SCULPTURAL GALLERY SECTION, 2) ARCHAEOLOGICAL SECTION, 3) BRONZE DECORATIVE GALLERY SECTION have on display various unique collections that reflect the civilization of ancient times. SCULPTURAL GALLERY HOUSES sculptures of various periods.
  8. Nizamabad Fort :- Fort is one of the most famous forts in the city  that is a blend of power, elegance and architectural brilliance. Rashtraputha rulers constructed the fort during the 10th century.
  9. Sri Rama Temple :- The temple of Rama was built by Chatrapathi Shivaji, the famous Marathi ruler. The huge corridors, mundaps and the mahamundaps in the temple are awe-inspiring. Influences of Jain dynasty are seen in some ancient artifacts. these are the travelling places in nizamabad destinations,

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